Thursday, November 25, 2010


Thanks a lot Bob Perks.  This wasn't the post that I had planned on for Thanksgiving.  So consider this a bonus.

I decided that I would work on cleaning out my email at work yesterday afternoon.  The phones were quiet, as most other offices had let their employees go home early.  Since I went back to school, I'm not the best about staying on top of the email I receive. I get so many cooking newsletters, crocheting newsletters, cross stitch newsletters, and forwards from friends and family that it's enough to drive a  person to drink.  Yet somehow today was the day that I was going to whittle the number of unread messages in my inbox down into the triple ok maybe double digits.

Over the years, since I have "known" Bob, I have been moved by his messages.  He wrote the message that inspired me to actually get up and go back to school instead of just dreaming about it.  It's also mentioned in the very first post I ever made when I started this blog.  I guess I can think him for the no homework and no life. 

Today's message was especially profound.  I have spent the last 10 days coming up with things that I'm thankful for.  They were all so obvious, and a few not so obvious.  Some required more thought than others, and some were simply a matter of telling you, my readers, what exactly it was that I was and am thankful for.  However, today I want to print a retraction. 

Today, I am simply thankful for nothing.

-I worry about money, yet I have money in the bank.  I have a savings account.  There are so many who don't have a job.
-I worry about my application to TTU.  There are so many kids who would like to go to college, but know that they can't because they have a family to raise.
-I'm thankful for grouchy in-laws.  There are those who are single and long to be in a relationship.
-I'm thankful for the children in my life - there are people who have none, or worse, they are losing their child.
-I'm thankful that my husband spent the night out of town and made it back home safely.  There were those who leave home everyday, and don't make it back. 
-I'm thankful that recent test results showed - nothing.
-I'm thankful for the mess at home, because it means that I want for nothing.

Read Bob's story.  Then find your own nothing to be thankful for.

Today I'm thankful for nothing!

Thanks Bob for reminding me of all that I truly have and to be thankful for the nothings.

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