Monday, January 18, 2010


Hello, my name is Abby and I'm addicted to recipes. And cross stitch, and crochet, and precious moments.

Geez, no wonder I never have any time, money, and weigh more than I should.

I suppose I should add school to that list, but it is definitely not something I want to continue forever, just a temporary annoyance. I digress.

I have tons of recipes. I get so many cooking newsletters every day, week, and month that I could probably print 200+ recipes a month if I printed them all. That doesn't include the cooking magazine I subscribe to or the cook books that I buy or have inherited.

I could probably cook a new recipe a day for the rest of my life and at the rate new recipes pop up, I could never cook them all.

So why print new recipes if I can't cook them all? I don't know. Because I love to cook. It's therapeutic, and some days chopping an onion beats chopping my husband, plus one involves prison, and I would rather avoid that.

I love to cook, I love finding a new recipe and making it, and then tweaking it, although some don't need tweaking. Then forcing my husband and other innocent bystanders to eat it. None have died yet, and most rarely complain.

Last night for dinner we had one of my favorite things, risotto. (I'll post the recipe later.) It is time consuming, but the end result is so worth it.

I guess that's why I like cooking and cross stitch for that matter. You are creating something. You are starting out with a blank canvas, or a bunch of ingredients and creating something. Not everyone can do it. You can learn how to cook, but you may never feel passionate about it, you may never be that good at it, just good enough to get by. Or you may be great at it. I don't create my own recipes. I typically alter other recipes. Mostly because I am too chicken to venture out on my own.

Kinda like this blog, I was so afraid to put ME on display like this, that I would crash and burn. Then I realized that I'm the only one who would care if I failed. So I took the plunge and here I am. Doing something that I'm actually enjoying. Kinda like cooking, and cross stitching.

Now, I better go clean out my email, and maybe find a few new recipes too try.


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