Friday, November 5, 2010

5 Question Friday

1. If you could have any talent and turn it into an occupation, what would it be?

Hmmm...this one is a sooo tough.  Let me see, (please note the large amounts of sarcasm).

I would have to say this little blog.  It would be nice to have a following and groupies!  Groupies are so cool.  They know where you live and they follow you around all the dogs count as groupies?  Because mine totally follow me everywhere, they won't even let me pee in peace.

Yeah, I would make this blog famous, so I could be cool.  Or maybe I need to be cool to make this blog famous.


2. Would you rather have a house at the beach or a cabin in the woods?

Definitely the beach.  But beaches have hurricanes.

So maybe the cabin. 

But cabins come with bears, and no internet, and ghosts, and sketchy electricity.  So maybe the beach.

Hurricanes only help you remodel.  It's definitely better than being eaten by a bear.  Sharks wouldn't be a problem, I'm not going into water that I can't see the bottom of, and I'm pretty sure that one won't wander up and knock on my door asking for directions.

3. Is there any meaning or reasoning for the names you chose for your child/children?

Well since I don't have "people" children, let's go with the furry children.

Prancer - we got him as a puppy.  He was a birthday present from my husband.  He was a tiny little white fur-ball.  Yet, he pranced, just like a horse prances.  He raised his front feet up so elegantly.  Thus prancer was born, yet, like a human baby he has a nickname, and we often call him "nana". 

Blaze - we got her as a puppy also.  She was supposed to be more my grandfather's dog, but my husband wanted a dog who was "his".  My entire life my grandfather renamed pets for me.  I would chose a name, and he would come along and redo it.  There were only two dogs, whose name remained unchanged, Ewwie who was an Australian Shepherd, and Poodle who was a German Shepherd.  I don't remember what Blaze was supposed to be.  Her nickname (we weren't real creative) Blazey girl.  I had a friend who called her and Prancer - Salt and Paprika.

Bailey - the boxer that we rescued.  We were the least creative with him.  I googled cool dog names.  Thus Bailey became.  I liked the meaning, which now I don't remember.  I've done a lot of homework since then.

4. What is your guilty pleasure? (I know we've done this one before, but I'm guessing people's "guilty pleasures" change frequently. At least, mine do!)

Hmmm.  I really don't feel like I have a "guilty" pleasure.  I guess the only one that makes me feel guilty is the cross stitch and crocheting.  They are both expensive little hobbies, and they take up quite a bit of time and space.

Although my husband has never complained.  As long as I'm happy, he is happy.  Plus he benefits from both, so he knows better than to piss me off.  Otherwise his eagles might disappear.

5. Do you live in a house that is deep cleaned or straightened?

D-All of the above.

I used to deep clean twice a year and then "regular" clean once a week.  Back in the good ole days when it was just John, me, and our puppies, our house was always neat and clean.  I wasn't embarrassed if company showed up unexpectedly. 

Now that we live with John's grandfather, things are different, and I hate it.  His grandfather sees me as a maid.  I should be at home keeping up the house instead of working.  He has the barefoot and pregnant mentality.  So he comes along and spills things, and makes messes, and expects that I clean it up with no complaint. 

I was born in 1979.  You have two perfectly good arms and legs, you made a mess, you unmake it.  I have had this conversation with my husband before we got married, that I wasn't a maid.  Thankfully, my husband is wonderful, he helps clean and doesn't mind. 

But for someone, whose a little neurotic, the "mess" (and yes, there are.  Think about 2 dogs (not mine, but the grandfather's) who believe that the living room is their personal toilet.  Think about grumpy old man, expecting me to clean up.  Think about me, not being a maid, and imagine). 

It ain't pretty.

I like clean.  I like neat.  I hate going to my in-laws and sorry mom, even my parents house.  The mess makes me want to clean, and I usually leave both houses with a headache, because I am sitting there stressing about the mess.
Thanks Mama for letting me participate! 


  1. I love the rant you went off on question #5. I have a 1yr old who undoes everything I clean up within 5 sec. One day I will maintain the order I (somewhat) had. (It also doesn't help that I started blogging. :))

    Oh, and if you ever find the sarcastic font, let me know, that definitely would be helpful 'cause some people can't read sarcasm. It bugs me when people write "lol" after every sentence.

  2. Yeah, I kinda got carried away. And trust me if I ever find a sarcastic font, the world will know! The world will also be slightly annoyed. :)



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