Monday, September 12, 2011


I think that Monday's were invented to help you plan for retirement.

Because every time one rolls around, I can't wait for the day that I don't have to get up and go to work, when every day can be a weekend.

Because let's face it, Monday's really bite.

I'm tired, thanks to my husband's phone ringing at 4:45am and then his alarm went off at 5, 5:15, 5:30, 5:45, and 6am. Time he got out of bed 6:45, when my alarm went off. He is lucky to be alive. He will be mighty lucky if he survives the day with his butt intact, because my patience is very, very, very thin today.

After tomorrow I may be writing this blog from prison if he even sets his alarm. And one little gray dog might be added to the mix if she doesn't stop barking and growling while I'm in the shower, naked, covered in soap and trying to shave while she barks. So if your the person who is making her bark, if I cut my leg shaving, I'm so adding you to my body count. Of course, your going to get a free peep show before your untimely demise.

I hope your Monday is shaping up better than mine. I'm off to learn the days of the week in Spanish. So that I will understand how Monday's bite in more than one language.

Have a Happy Monday. Or at least avoid homicide today.

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