Friday, September 23, 2011

5 Question Friday

Thank goodness! It's been a long week of exams, homework, tutoring and procrastination. Whew. I'm exhausted.

We don't have much going on this weekend. Tomorrow is Tech football, so the hubs has to work the majority of the day. I think I'll shop stay home and study. I have got to find some time to get some of my Scentsy stuff taken care of so I can have my open house in 3 weeks (gasp). That's probably more realistic vision of my day tomorrow.

The fair is going on here, and I'm thinking we might put in an appearance tomorrow night, while the rest of the city is glued to their television watching the football game. I got one word for you people - DVR.

Have a wonderful weekend.

1. Dream job...realistic and completely unrealistic.

Accounting. That's my realistic one. I love the stuff, which is a good thing since that's what I'm going to school for. I am so ready to start taking accounting classes, because they are just so much fun. No, there wasn't sarcasm included in that last statement.

No I'm not crazy, why do you ask?

Unrealistic. Retired and rich. So that I could travel and go on vacations and see all these things and go shopping instead of paying the bills. Because I would have people who paid the bills. And I would have more money than the national debt and it would double every week. Wait, the national debt kinda does that now, so maybe the government could just throw that money at me. Who do I talk to about that?

2. Do you fart in front of your significant other?

Yep. He's a guy. He does guy things. When we are at home, or in the car together, fine. But when others are present. Nope. It's rude.

And never, under any circumstances fart at my grandparents house. They are just too snooty to do something like that. Ever.

3. What's the furthest you've ever traveled from home? How far and where was it?

I've been to Minnesota and Pennsylvania and Florida and California. I don't know which was the farthest, but they were all far away from home. But then again, school is far away from home and it's only across town.

4. How do you celebrate birthday for your kids? Family only or friends? ... Alternate for those without kiddos: How did you celebrate birthdays as a kid?

We do birthday dinners. On my side of the family the only "kid" that is nearby is my 10 year old cousin. They live 2 hours away, so we don't always get to celebrate a birthday with him. But we try to have dinner for the birthday's. Which I love.

We used to get together with John's parents and sister and her fiance for birthday dinners, but since we became evil, we haven't done that since February. We weren't invited to the June birthday, we didn't invite them to the September birthday (mine, considering I didn't get a phone call, but a message via my husband I'm kinda glad I didn't) and I'm guessing we won't be invited anymore. Which is fine. 90 minutes of walking on eggshells isn't my idea of a birthday celebration anyway.

5. Fave thing about fall?
Cooler weather. Halloween, it's my favorite spooks birthday. The fair, my birthday, and football.
I don't care if I see the football or not. But there are good memories spent at football games with my grandfather. And those memories get me through October when we celebrate his birthday, his wife's birthday and their anniversary, as well as the day we lost him. I don't know that I will ever be able to watch a football game in that stadium ever again.
Oh, and I can't forget the awesome temperatures, because it's great when it's 54 in the morning and 98 in the afternoons. In September. Because it's not like that doesn't confuse a body.
Happy Weekend. You have until Midnight to enter my giveaway. Other wise, my good friend "anonymous" gets the warmer.

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