Friday, September 9, 2011

Five Question Friday

Thank goodness. I'm not sure I would have survived another work/school day this week. I'm exhausted. The homework showers have started, and they aren't letting up anytime soon. So I'm swamped.

No big plans this weekend, I try to keep my schedule light during school so I can play catch up on the weekends. I'm going to try to get all caught up on homework, as well as work on getting catalogs ready for my open house in October. And I have Scentsy to deliver. And I might try to unpack a few more boxes, because let's face it, I'm still not through unpacking. Eek!

Happy weekend.

1. What ringtone do you have on your cell phone?
Well, it's unique. And it isn't one particular person's ringtone. It's everyone's. I don't discriminate.

First you get a sound that sounds like some sort of alarm going off...then...wait for it..."Warning: It's that weirdo calling, Warning: it's that weirdo calling.

See, I said I don't discriminate, most of the people who call me are weird. The ones who text me aren't.

2. What is your favorite memory from this summer?

This summer was full of suck. There were bright spots, but dealing with Papa's illness and unexpected death has been difficult. We spent all of July waiting, and celebrating his life. Then in August, we were just trying to survive, trying to function like normal human beings.

Probably some of the best memories are the ones of us sitting in Papa's hospital room, telling stories and laughing. The night after the memorial service when we all sat around at the hotel and laughed and told stories and caught up with the family we don't see nearly often enough. Those moments, those memories were such bright spots in days that we thought we would drown in sadness. Those moments reminded me about the importance of family and making memories with them.

Our Friday night dinner dates with our local "family" have been such a blessing too. It has been amazing to discover and get to know some of John's childhood friends. Their laughter and their lives have become such an important part of ours that they continue to be a thing of joy in our lives, and let's face it, we can always use more joy.

3. Paper books or ebooks?

I love to read. I prefer suspense, but every now and then a girl needs a good trashy romance novel to remind her to bug her husband about romance. However, after our recent move and the discovery that I have way (way, way, way) too many books, I have decided to downsize. But only in theory. My husband doesn't know it yet, but he is getting me a Nook for my birthday. I'm going to move all of my books from paper to digital. I'm not really thrilled about it, because I love the way books smell, but on the other hand, it's getting hard to find a place to stick all those books. And under the bed isn't a suitable home any longer.


4. If you could have one home upgrade what would it be and why?

Can I just have the home first? We rent a duplex. We didn't want to buy, because let's face it, our future is very unknown considering that I am going to college, and I want to do corporate accounting. There aren't a lot of job options here. So, we wanted to keep our options open. That way if I get offered a job making millions somewhere else, I didn't have to worry about leaving a house that I loved. Because I wouldn't have bought something I didn't love. Frankly, it comes down to the fact that I didn't want to have to break up with my house.

5. When was your first serious boyfriend/girlfriend?
I had a few before my husband, but honestly the details are sketchy. John was a love or lust at first sight kind of thing. The afternoon I met him, I knew I wanted to get to know him better. And to be honest, the 2nd time we hung out, every other guy I had ever dated or lusted over ceased to exist. There are moments that I remember about ex's, but they are only moments not the complete relationship. I can't even tell you know how I met most of them, or even how we broke up. When John came along, they ceased to exist.
So to answer the original question, I was in high school. That's about all I remember.

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