Monday, August 8, 2011

Garage Sale 2011

Well, since there is a post here, it's quite obvious that the garage sale attempt didn't kill me.

But it was touch and go there for a while.

Actually, I really can't complain. We did go. We got rid of quite a bit of stuff. We still had quite a bit of stuff leftover, the majority of which we packed up and took to Goodwill. Some of the more pricey items, we are taking to my moms and going to attempt to get rid of it at her garage sale in 2 weeks. I'm not looking forward to that little adventure. But the goodness is that there isn't much. The bad news is that she will be out of town until the 19th or 20th and won't have it ready to go and to someone with a Type A personality like me, it will be the biggest nightmare. But, I promise to try to not choke her. I just keep repeating "I won't like prison." Over and over and over again.

I did sunburn though. But only on my arms. My legs won't hold color of any kind. Period. Get up, go to the bathroom and look at your butt. See the lighter color. Multiply that by 1 million, and that's how white the rest of my body is. My arms have a nice little tan going. Everything else. Not so much. It makes me crazy.

We are going to Abilene this weekend to see my nephew and niece before school starts. Is it awful that I'm not looking forward to going? When we saw the kids in January their behavior was horrific. They were awful to me and John. My niece was pissed because my parents, her Nana and Bop-pop weren't coming, so she took the PISS ON YOU attitude. It makes it so hard to want to spend time with her. When all I can think about it how mean she is. She will be 11 on the 16th.

You guys don't have too much fun today, it is Monday after all.

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