Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's Funny What You Miss

I've always heard the saying that when you lose someone you miss the oddest things. It's true.

When my grandfather died, I missed chocolate covered cherries at Christmas. There was a big display and I burst into tears in the middle of Wally World. I missed the smell of Beech Nut Chewing Tobacco.

Sunday I was having a cleaning orgy, cleaning things that are typically skipped over every week, so that things were nice and clean before I started school on Thursday and my life revolves around homework. I opened our microwave to wipe it out, and the sudden urge of how much I missed Papa, John's grandfather hit me. I hated to clean out the microwave when we lived with him. Papa was notorious for not covering up anything when he microwaved it. And if 2 minutes would sufficiently do the job, he did it for 3, just for good measure. So there was constantly something blowing up in the microwave.

When we went to Abilene with my parents, there was a Gaither's music display. We didn't share the love of the Gaither's like Papa did, but that display in Cracker Barrel, made my heart ache. I missed Papa more that day and more on Sunday than I had before.

Then today, an older guy came in at work, whose hands looked like Gangie's, and I missed him today too.

It makes me wonder, what little things will I miss about my parents. What little things would I miss, if John were to die before me? What would they miss about me? What would they wish that I had done differently? What would they wish that they had done differently?

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