Monday, January 30, 2012

How Well Do You Really Know Somone

Today, my heart hurts. It was a long, emotionally draining weekend at my house.

Friday, my husband lost his job. Their reason, leadership. I'm not sure exactly what that means, and they couldn't really explain it to him either, so to sum it up, they wanted him gone. Awesome.

Then Friday night we had a scare where we thought my 11 year old niece had not came home from school. She was found, safe and sound with her mother, who didn't have custody. Thank goodness, she was safe.

Little did I know that was just the beginning.

Have you ever had that moment, either with a friend of a family member where they just did something so outrageous that you suddenly realized that you never really knew who they were? That suddenly you were looking at a stranger. You recognized the face, but the actions would have never been something that you would have expected that person capable of.

I keep looking and thinking back trying to tell myself that signs weren't there, that there was nothing that any of us could have done to prevent this, or any signs that we ignored that it was happening. I hope we weren't so clueless.

Simply, because it is an ongoing investigation and my sweet 11 year old niece needs to learn to put her life back together. Because suddenly she has lived through things that I can't even begin to imagine, I can't say much because it is an ongoing investigation.

But, do me a favor, send some prayers to her, her little brother, and her mother. They are going to need some extra bursts of strength to help them make it through the coming weeks and months. Then say a few for the rest of her family that loves her. We are all having a hard time dealing with this as we trusted and loved someone who hurt her deeply.

Then, say a tiny prayer for my husband and I, and that he will find a job soon. Something that makes him happy. Because even though my job drives me crazy, when I actually have stuff to do, I love it.

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