Friday, January 6, 2012

Things that Annoy

We all have them. Those lovely little ticks that make us, well us. What annoys us is what keeps someone else sane. Isn't that a pleasant thought. After yesterdays heartbreaking post, I figured I needed something with a little more sarcasm.
10. Toilet paper and paper towel rolls. They don't replace themselves. And if you use it replace it, but for the love of all that is good and holy, please hang it the right way.

9. Boys and tall, old little boys men and their need to find humor in farts. It's a bodily function, one which isn't cute, ever. Yes, everyone does it. But seriously. Not that funny.

8. Driving and texting. You aren't that important and whatever you absolutely think you need to type while your driving isn't worth my life. Your not Angelina Jolie. Trust me that love note to Brad can wait.

7. Mosquito's. Other than suck the life out of you, kinda like children, they serve no greater purpose. If I ruled the world, all the bugs, gone. Sorry little guys. (ok, not really)

6. Snakes and mice. See #7

5. Waiters and Waitresses who come buy as you get your food and ask if you want more to drink. No, I just ordered something spicy and I prefer to do without water until I leave here. Besides that potted plant has water. I'm good.

4. Hardware stores and mechanics. Because I'm a woman I'm an idiot, at least that is what some of those people think. Amazingly so I know quite a bit about cars and building various things. So I can probably build you a house and cook you a gourmet meal, but please don't ask me where my "man" is. Otherwise you might find yourself unemployed, because it wouldn't be the first time that I find your boss and scream discrimination and breasts in the same sentence.

3. Commercials. Seriously, who comes up with these things. Animals smashed on a road that come back to life. Singing gecko. Um no.

2. Complaining that I wear perfume to work. I'm a girl. It's my job to wear scented lotions, body washes, and yes, even perfume. I also take showers daily and know the difference between a napkin and my pants. So because I prefer to smell pleasant instead of like I just stepped out of a beer filled dumpster, deal with it. Or stay in your office.

And the number one thing that annoys me: (at least today)

1. People who bring their children to work, then think that because I have nothing better to do, can play babysitter to their 4 year old. Your child is obnoxious, kinda like you are. I'm paid to do the books, not watch your child too.

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