Monday, October 4, 2010

Why I blog Anonymously

As I left work on Friday and headed home, I had a fleeting crazy moment.  One where I briefly considered starting yet another blog.  One where I'm not anonymous.  One where I can use our first names, and I don't have to make up names to protect the innocent, or the not so innocent.  I could send this blog to all of my family, and my friends, and my facebook groupies. But then I got to thinking about it, and I realized that I would have to plagiarize stuff off of this blog and post on that would, and wouldn't that defeat the purpose of anonymous?  Wouldn't it also be illegal?  Even though I wrote it to start with, but technically Abby wrote it.  Hmm...that could get really dicey. 

I like the anonymity that this blog gives me.  I can tell the world what a schmuck my boss is, and he doesn't know that I am specifically the one doing it.  I can talk bad about my in-laws (they don't know I write a blog), I can't talk bad about my own parents, they are 2 of my 3 readers.  I can't tell the world how irritating my husband is, becuase guess what?  He makes up reader number 3. 

What I can do is think about stuff, things that I wouldn't dream of publishing if I wasn't Abby.  This anonymity lets me talk about stuff that I would rather not discuss with the general public at large.  It lets me send my thoughts out there for the world to see.  Of course, that means that there are going to be this people who disagree with me, and people who think that I'm a few crayons short of a full box, which is ok too, because if I knew them, I would probably think that they were nuts too. 

This past weekend, a person that I thought I knew has thrown me for a loop, and probably much to her and her husband's chagrin, I'm going to write a post tomorrow with my thoughts.  Thoughts that are very contriversal, thoughts that, if I had a large following of readers, would probably piss quite a few off.  Just because of the nature of the post, I'm thankful, that at least to the crazies on the internet, tomorrow, I can be anonymous. 

I'm also thankful that I can bribe my husband with a great home cooked meal and --- (you're welcome, mom and dad) for the irritating comment.  You aren't irritating honey.  In fact without you, my parents would be the only ones who would read my blog, and that just makes me look lame.  Or friendless.  But I'll be a on campus college student next semester, and I'm going to make a friend, even if it kills me.

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