Friday, October 1, 2010

Lessons in Randomness

I have tried to write a post for today, for well over an hour. I have started 3 separate posts, all, which I thought, would end up going somewhere, and after 2-3 paragraphs, they just sort of fizzled out. One of them died before I even got my introduction typed. There are so many things that have happened in the last week, that I’m not sure where to start, or even how to vocalize them. So this post is probably going to be a lesson in randomness.

I read several other blogs that I follow this morning, and I always feel like my life is so much more boring and less noteworthy than there lives are. I don’t know why I feel the need to judge myself, and my life on the fact that I don’t have kids who I can use for blogging material. My life this week has revolved around Friends and crocheting flowers for a set of potholders that was in my UFO (un-finished object) basket. Oh, and a presentation for my Environmental Science class that is due today, that I still haven’t finished.

I finally had a good heart to heart conversation with my husband about school. The sad thing is that the majority of this conversation took place while we walked around Walmart and picked up a few groceries and a prescription. I still have my moments where I freak out about the choice that I have made, but on the other hand, I found myself getting slightly excited about the new direction that my life is heading. It’s definitely been a leap of faith into the unknown, and I was feeling really good about my decision after a conversation with my boss yesterday. Then this morning my husband mentions he told his mom the direction that I was headed, and she seemed surprised/disappointed (my impression from him) so know I have my doubts again. I really need a crystal ball. Maybe I’ll put that on my Christmas wish list.

Christmas is 2.5 months away, and I’m nowhere near finished with my shopping. I’m not even close. I’m usually at least halfway done by my birthday, and this year, I have 3 people completely marked off my list. There are approximately 25 people. That doesn’t include the plans I had for the guys I work with, or the guys my husband manages. Although the worker bees were just getting homemade food. Cookies, candy, yadda, yadda. They are all guys, most of whom are single, or they are married and their wives can’t cook to save their life. They all love me when I do this, plus I get to cook, I don’t see anything wrong with this picture. I think about this every few days and freak out, because I don’t even have a clue what to get most of these people for Christmas. This year may be remembered as “The Year of the Gift Cards”.

I spent most of Thursday wishing I could either barf, or that my stomach would have magically felt normal. I’m not sure what the deal was, but several times yesterday I thought dying would have to feel better. I’ve wondered, and after taking dairy digestive supplements that help people with lactose intolerance, I’m wondering if I haven’t developed sensitivity to it. Milk makes my stomach ache like I have been punched, and other things produce unpleasant side effects. I know that I really need to talk to my doctor about it, and I will, when I go see her, in November. But until then, I’m not eating cheese stick chicken and a milk shake for dessert a few hours later again.

Our living situation and plans have changed, and they will remain “unknown” until I actually start school the end of January. I’m hoping that we can work things out and that things will go a certain direction, but we are still moving forward with our new furniture purchases. We are having our new couch and chairs delivered in a few weeks. We still need bedroom furniture, and tables for our living room, but I’m excited that progress is being made.

This weekend we are going to a local “Harvest Festival” and do a little shopping at an antique store for a specific gift. Plus they always have Precious Moments Figurines, and a girl can never have too many of those. My aunt and her boys will be in town too, and I'm looking forward to spending time with them as well.  I’m looking forward to a slow weekend for a change, one that involves lots of rest and lots of work on potholders. Oh, and finding the tax return so I can apply and get things rolling for school. That will make it official, and won’t allow me to chicken out anymore.  I also have managed to squeek by and not having homework to work on, which will do wonders for my sanity.

Have a beautiful 1st weekend of October.  In my world, it's officially time for fall now. 

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