Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Orientation - From the eyes of a 30 year old

Monday I was oriented with Tech.  More like fed a whole bunch of info and walked about 12.2 miles in the frigid temperatures for several very long hours.

I'll admit, the closer I got to campus the more nervous I got.  I'm 31 years old.  Most people go to college at 18ish.  Obviously I didn't get the memo.  But holy cow batman.  I went it, and picked up my paperwork, got all my goodies, got a ton of information on parking, financial aid, extra activities, and more.  I had wandered around, about all that I cared too, and I decided to walk out the nearest door.  It just happened to be the door that the parents who came with their student checked in at.  As I walked out, I had someone ask me if I was looking for my student.  Jerk.  My husband was amazed that I didn't club the guy.  I probably should have, but after I assured him that I wasn't 40 or 50 (made a mental note to buy better anti-aging cream).  I managed to talk to a complete stranger, for a good portion of the morning.  And I didn't stick my foot in my mouth, and I didn't puke, so it was a win-win all around.

Temperatures were below freezing, it was windy, and generally miserable.  We walked from one building to another building - let me note that I use walked lightly.  For someone who is 5'4" tall walk wasn't what I was doing to keep up.  I was more or less jogging.  I wasn't prepared to job and my asthma didn't go for that.  It took about 4 puffs on an inhaler to get my breathing back to normal.  But after that little jog, I made sure that I allowed plenty of time to walk back and forth between the buildings.

I'm registered.  I'm official and in a few hours, I will be sitting in my first class.  Wish me luck - and pray that I don't puke from all the nerves.

Give me a few days, and we will hopefully get back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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  1. So, you didn't club the guy (good restraint), but you gave him "The Look" right? Eyes narrowed, one eyebrow slightly raised saying "Your an idiot!" all while you nonchalantly reply politely.



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