Wednesday, September 22, 2010

31 Years Resolution

Since yesterday was my birthday, and today is the start of a whole new year of being 21 31. I figured that I would make a list of resolutions that I will work towards acheiving in the next year. This are in no particular order.

31. Graduate with my associates degree
30. Lose weight, only because you are supposed to put this on your resolution list.
29. Try not to kill anything
28. Cook more, I have a cooking blog to fill
27. Blog more frequently, like more days than not. You have gotten two posts alone this week. Rejoice!
26. Read more murder mysteries and trashy romance novels. Just to bug my husband.
25. Make the perfect cheesecake
24. Learn how to say my Abc's backwards. Because you just never know when that will come in handy.
23. Try to be a more patient person and not tell people that I will gladly draw it out in crayon for them.
22. To realize that certain family members are always going to dislike me.
21. Figure out sucky presents for #22's family members.
20. To not make a list like this next year for my 2nd birthday, unless I copy some of these to it.
19. To stop trying to understand the logic behind the actions of the guys I work with, there is no logic, I'm not really sure that they even have a brain.
18. No complaining about homework. Although it does make for interesting blog posts.
17. To look into facebook addiction treatment centers.
16. Find one for Farmville while I'm at it.
15. Not tell my husband we can't do something because it interferes with my farming time table.
14. To be a better wife, wait, I'm perfect, I got a card yesterday that said so. So let's scratch this one, and consider it already done.
13. To clean out my kitchen gadget drawers. I think I have more drawers of kitchen gadgets than pajama's.
12. Or buy new pajama's so I'm more evenly balanced.
11. To try really hard to not watch so much TV. CSI isn't educational unless you are planning murders, and murders are messy.
10. Wash the inside of my truck as often as I wash the outside. Trucks shouldn't have dust bunnies.
9. Make my husband something cool for his office.
8. Make me something cool for my future office.
7. Try not to scream at retarded people while they are driving. They can't hear me, and my passengers only make fun of the names that I call them, and I think that they secretly pray for people to pull out in front of me.
6. Try not to be so anal about things being clean.
5. Give up on not being so anal about things being clean.
4. To figure out what happened to my spell check for these posts.
3. To wash every precious moments figurine I own. I haven't done it in about 6 years.
2. To learn to like shopping.
and the #1 resolution
1. Try to use less sarcasm, apparently it isn't considered a 2nd language. Although, it should be.

1 comment:

  1. I have issues with number 13...
    NO ONE has more PJ's than you! I think you need to go back and re think that one. You do have lots of gadgets but more than PJ's I don't think so!

    I also have issues with number 3...
    I didn't know you were planning on quiting your job... If you plan on washing ALL those PM figurins It will take you all day everyday from now until next year at this time to do...
    I love you MOM



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