Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lesson 1243 in Randomness

-I'm tired.  Of school, work, life in general, cooking, cleaning.  This list is endless.  I need a vacation to a tropical destination.  And liposuction.

- Apparently I'm going to have a giveaway I can't giveaway.  Go comment people!

-Looking forward to, and slightly dreading, my graduation dinner tomorrow night.  My sweet husband was/is going to cook steaks on the grill in 34* weather, with possible snow.  I offered to change the menu.  His only response, what that "real men grill in the snow." Um..ok.  Real women know better than to stand outside in 34* weather, that's probably why we live longer.

-Not looking forward to coming to work on Friday.  I'm sure that the a/c will kick on at least once before noon.

-I posted an ad on Facebook about needing a hit man for our a/c unit at work.  Didn't have any takers.  Apparently I need to offer better stakes.

-I bought an electric blanket in hopes that I wouldn't freeze at night, or early morning when my husband gets up way before I do.  He has totally ruined my faith in men and their ability to get ready to go quickly.  I usually wake up before he comes in to crank the heat up on my blanket before he leaves.  This delayed reaction from him, could be the fact that I think he is using my anti-wrinkle cream, lotion and other "girly" products.

-Maybe I need to set up a hidden camera to see what really goes on in our bathroom.  Then again, maybe somethings shouldn't be known.

-I have bad news for him, the blanket will stay on our bed year round.

-Saturday is our anniversary.  We will have been married 11 years.  It's hard to believe that it has been that long.  Look for a special post on Saturday.

-I have a final paper that I should be working on, instead I keep trying to squeeze out things to post here, so I can avoid it for a while longer.

-Looking forward to seeing my niece and nephew for Christmas in January.  Assuming my plans to take over the world continue on.

-I will abolish all homework when I take over the world.  I will also make dishes self cleaning, laundry automatically cleans itself, and cars that never get bird poop on them.

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