Friday, November 11, 2011

5 Question Friday

It's been a week of crazy around here. But then again school is going on, so that's nothing new. Between work, school, and life in general things are super busy. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving, because them I'm on the back side of this semester. And I'm most certainly ready for this to be over with. I hate my classes, and I just can't seem to find the umf to study like I should be.

No big plans this weekend, except homework. I know, try not to jump for joy.

Don't forget to leave your porch light on today to honor our veterans and the sacrifices that they have made.

1. What's the last thing you spent too much money on?
Groceries. I haven't really bought anything lately that hasn't been essential, so I'm guessing that would be what I have spent too much money on. But seriously - it's too much money considering I walked out with 4 bags and it was $162. Apparently I bought caviar and prime rib, instead of chicken.

2. What celeb chef would you want to make you dinner?
Pioneer Woman. She doesn't do weird. She doesn't do fancy gourmet stuff (except every now and then) but I could have her refrain. Rachel Ray would be fun, she seems like she would be a lot of fun to cook with. But then again, to someone who measures out everything, the dumping stuff in the palm of my hand would bug me. Then I would probably offend her when I gave her measuring cups as a thank you gift.

3. Where do you hide things when visitors pop over or do you let them see the real deal?
Well, that depends. If they tell me they are coming and warn me a week in advance, then I don't hide anything. Because I clean it all up.

But for the most part I don't have to hide anything. John and I are both fairly neat and tidy, so except for school books that are just piled around and mail that neither of us seems to be able to go through and dispose of when it comes in, there aren't too many messes to worry about hiding.

4. Who is your oldest living family member?
Um..I don't know. I don't know if it's my grandmothers sisters, or who it is. How's that for knowing your family.

5. What is your favorite DQ treat and/or Sonic drink combo (ie: cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper)? I'm thinking about ice cream and it's 8:37am. Oops. I'm a blizzard fan and a vanilla ice cream cone fan. If I go to DQ it's one of those two. The blizzard flavor varies, but not by much. Oreo, cheesecake or cookie dough. No chocolate syrup please! Just ice cream and oreos, or cheesecake or cookie dough. Don't screw it up by adding chocolate syrup. If I wanted chocolate ice cream I would have asked for it.
Sonic -probably a cherry limeade. Now I'm thinking about those too. At least it's ok to think about something to drink at 8:40am. But alas, I'm stuck with water.
Have a great weekend! If your bored, I know where you can find some *free* awesome activities to occupy your time. Calculus, Spanish, History of Rock and Roll, I've got it all.


  1. I would LOVE to have PW cook for me, her food looks delish!



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