Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's!!

I missed my snow phone call this morning. I missed it last year too. And the year before that. And the year before that. And the...

My grandfather called me every year before i went to work, or school, usually I was still sleeping when I got the call, urging me to get up and look outside at the snow that had miraculously fallen overnight. Not once was there snow. One year, he had my grandmother call, and when I finally caved and looked out my bedroom window, there was his face. He scared me half to death. He walked away chuckling and I probably thought evil thoughts about my revenge. Revenge that never came. See, April Fools wasn't the only day of the year he made up "lies" and fed them to me. He did it every day of the year.

One year, my husband, thought it would be amusing, and I am sure from his standpoint it was priceless, called and told me that he had been fired. At the time I was delivering the newspaper, and he was our sole source of income. While I helped, we needed his check too. So naturally I was worried. And he was lying. How he kept a straight voice, as he did it via telephone, I will never know.

I have tried to come up with something equally believable every year, and yet most of the attempts that have been made, are done, are not successfully pulled off. Not because I can't keep a straight face or anything, but because they start chanting "April Fool's! April Fool's! Before I even get halfway through my explanation. Maybe I need a new strategy. Maybe I will never be the "fooler" quite as well as my grandfather, or my husband (but don't tell him I said so). Maybe I am too sweet for anything that I say like that to be believable. No comments from the peanut gallery on that one.

Pregnant? Odds aren't likely. Becoming a lesbian and moving off with my best friend? Might be believable if she lived closer. Moving? Tried that one-didn't work the first time. Lost my job? Yeah right. Divorce? Interesting. But probably not believable either. Hmmmm.

I guess I am just stuck with snow, for now.

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