Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cooking and Recipes

I love to cook. So consequently have about a bazillion recipes. I have a modest collection of cookbooks as well as a ton that I have printed off the internet over the years. Most of my recipes are "healthy". They sound like they are fattening and instead they are good for you. It's a win-win situation, especially if you are trying to loose a few pounds.

Since this is my blog and I can write about what I want to, I'm going to post new recipes that we try out. Mostly so that I can make grocery lists while I'm at work and conserve time. I'll always post recipes that I have actually made, with my planned alterations for next time, as well as how it rates on a 5-star review. Then you can make it yourself and post your own comments in the comments section. (This is obviously in hopes that more than 5 people read this blog.)

UPDATE - my recipes can now be found at Gourmet Chef in Training

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